Tuesday, February 07, 2006


Offlate, my 34 size Levis has been yearning for some rest, urging for the 36 to take over. This can be attributed to the (a) sumptuos lunch at office (b) the chicken egg roles off it.

But I am determined to reduce the extra kilos and enter ISB in perfect shape.

Yesterday was like any other chilly Delhi 6 a.m. I was puffing and gasping on my way home after a 30min jog. I saw a few kids (probably aged 5 or 6) wearing tiny red school uniforms and monkey-caps. They were waiting for the school-bus with one of the kids' mom seeing them off. I was pitying those little souls for carrying such heavy school bags so early in the morning...adults like us would be enjoying their mid-night dream at such an hour...!

Just then, a group of 4 corpulent punjabi aunties marched down the road from the opposite side..Their exhalations could be heard from a distance and they were walking parallel to each other, hardly leaving any space for the doodhwala on cycle to pass thru..Just as I crossed the aunties and the kids on the footpath, one of them cried "Auntie, please walk in a file, you may get hit by a vehicle from behind. Ritu Miss says that you should always form a queue while boarding a bus or walking on a busy road"...

The aunties were agaped, the other kids staring as if they all felt the same way, their mother a bit embarassed and I could barely stop myself from giggling.. As I turned back, the aunties were actually walking one behind other. Probably they were missing out on some "kyuki saas bhi kabhi bahu thi" (and other soaps) chat, but they would never dare take a chance again!

Our schools are doing pretty good huh..?

What if these kids continue learning and practising such values.? Definitely some optimism!


Anonymous sundeep said...

good one Rishik... yeah the kids are pretty smart these days... If given the right guidance and encouragement they can do wonders.... personally I feel though that there is still a lot to be desired in the current education system

10:19 PM  

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