Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Rang De Basanti

Rang De Basanti is a MUST SEE for all Indians, especially the youth.

I would categorize its implications as:

1> After all its a movie: Bollywood is definitely improving. Gone are the days when we had the protagonist as a coolie or a labourer falling in love with a millionaire's daughter - this petite young amrika returned gal. The antagonist (right, the heroines father) would have this name "KK" or "JJ" and would indulge in all sorts of drug dealings "aaj raat ko maal ane wala hai" etc..The hero would finally break all class barriers and after some dishum dishum nahiiiiiiiiii maaaaaaaaaaaa and of course 'the dancing around the trees' ritual would emerge as the winner.

Comes movies like Yuva, Swades and Rang de Basanti. Not only do these kinda movies reflect this new 'hat - ke' and 'professional' breed of directors /producers, but also do they signify an "educated" and "kuch karna hai" hoi polloi sitting in front of the 70mm. Movies have a very strong influence on the audience (though temporary). You can have this auntie sitting next to you and sobbing horribly when Manisha Koirala looses her leg in Mann or Kkkkkhan is convincing Kajol's onscreen mother in DDLJ with his puckered lips. But this new genre MWM (movies with message) helps you to carry this vicarious feeling even after you leave the hall.

2> Should we do something about it?: Yup! Dont go on shooting the corrupt poiliticians - that's not the message, neither is that a solution...Do the best you can,say
(a) dont spit / throw rubbish at public places
(b) always ask for a bill , even from the mom-and-pop store
(c) if you can afford, contribute to organisations like CRY, India Today's efforts to support war-widows
(d) if you are a professional, try to take sometime off on weekends and teach at a local NGO school. There are some great NGOs - like Aid (started by Indian students studying in the US, initially as a monetary contribution - forfeiting a week's pizza expense!) Teaching at the grass-root level would have far reaching benefits.
(e) only when every citizen at every nook and corner of this country becomes aware and educated, can he/she actually exercise his/her right to vote in a correct way. Uneducated massess have and will elect what we have today. Its now choosng the lesser worst amongst the lot, but there can be someday when we actually get to select the best among the better ones.

3> Amir Khan is the undisputed Bollywood hero...amazing facial expressions! I guess he must have actually wept while shooting that scene in the movie.

Well, lets really do something...